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CETI Consultancy

The CETI Consultancy brings a breadth of expertise and experiences in every aspect of creative and emerging technology, data, and storytelling. What problem do we fundamentally help solve? Connecting organizations to their communities through emergent technology solutions in ways that promote equity, agency and widespread benefit.

In addition to our own in-house offerings, we can partner with you to design custom offerings for your organization that are unique, imaginative and have powerful social impact.

Our clients include educational and civic organizations and coalitions, nonprofit and community organizations, as well as technology and design industry corporations.

We would be delighted to work with you. 

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We build our interdisciplinary team by selecting the most impactful personnel with expertise from our growing community to build something unique and powerful together, inviting new members as needed. We would be delighted to include members from your network as well.

In addition, we invite a selected few beginners and community members as appropriate to join these projects in various capacities—as residents or fellows, as assistants, apprentices, interns, and eventually as creators—building impactful skills, resumes, and relationships from their engagement on the project team. The collaboration will also provide opportunities for advanced skill-sharing and mentoring for both our teams.

A part of the funds from these commissioned projects  goes towards CETI’s broader mission of access and opportunity in emerging technology innovation and leadership for communities under-represented in technology. You will be helping create a future diverse technology ecosystem through this partnership. 


A Think Tank for the Future of Learning

Creating custom programs, institutes, credentials, and curriculum to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

An R&D lab in Emergent Technology innovation with Social/Civic Impact

Designing, leading emerging technology and data projects + creating and prototyping accessible cutting-edge tools for diverse audiences.

A Creative Agency

Creating emerging technology/multimedia stories and experiences around history and culture, data visualisation, civic planning, and community engagement.

A Town Hall/Public Square

Facilitating inclusive convenings within and across organizations, sectors, disciplines, and communities for strategic creative problem-solving visioning and generative ideation to address urgent challenges.

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To partner with us or to propose collaborations and projects, please reach out to We would be delighted to have a conversation.

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