A Creative and Emergent Technology Institute

CETI champions lifelong learning and collaborative, interdisciplinary innovation in creative and emergent technologies

Principles and Values


CETI has a powerful vision for how communities learn, research, innovate and create. Its core methodology is to convene interdisciplinary gatherings of those that seek to address our greatest challenges through creativity and technology.


CETI imagines learning as transformative, evolving and responsive, experiential, interdisciplinary, and lifelong. We create an environment that inspires everybody to contribute to the peak of their abilities—with fluency and confidence.


We embed a culture of creative experimentation and play in our endeavors fostering risk-taking and imagination. This builds trust and confidence leading to joyful learning and transformative change.


We look at challenges—and solutions—through the lens of humanity. We design and create with all our stakeholders, accounting for the implications and impact of our work in the world. We believe that true innovation must break down inequity in both process and result


We catalyze community-driven, messy convenings—participatory projects that include experts and non-experts. Each brings a diversity of skills, experience, expertise, and cultural context. Ultimately, the best responses emerge from unexpected collisions among people and their ideas. Our products will be open-source, community-owned, and made as widely available whenever possible.


Truth and independence are paramount to our role as trusted host. We cultivate connections and relationships across and within our communities moving at the speed of trust, building deep, resilient networks across sectors, disciplines, regions, and communities.


We are radically inclusive, emphasizing access and opportunity, by working in participatory non-hierarchical structures and creating tools to foster engagement by a diversity of communities. We prioritize actions that center power with all stakeholder and partners, especially including previously excluded populations to ensure that we all have voice and agency in creating our future.


The power of emergent technology should be owned and deployed by the communities that need it most. CETI enables this prosperity of the commons through collaborative learning, creativity and invention.


CETI champions lifelong learning and collaborative, interdisciplinary innovation in creative and emergent technologies. Through radically inclusive community participation, we rapidly build expertise for an astonishing diverse group of people. CETI contends that our most urgent challenges can be imaginatively addressed through art, storytelling and invention.

What We Offer

We design exciting collaborative project-based convenings fostering learning, creation, and critical dialogue integrating art, science, engineering, storytelling, culture, mathematics, and technology to address urgent, emergent, and complex social, environmental, and technological challenges of the future.

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Who We Are

CETI prioritizes including and collaborating with communities previously marginalized, under-represented, and under-served  in tech. Through our lived experiences and diversity in demographics, we bring a diversity of critical and cultural lenses to the intentional design of our programs, as well as a laser-focus on inclusion and support of communities significantly under-represented in technology conversations.  

CETI is a collective—of artists, technologists, storytellers, educators, researchers, innovators, and leaders—composed of experts and lifelong learners, excited to share our ideas and skills. A subset of us engage with each project, alternatively taking on roles as learners, facilitators, creators, producers, and advisors, wielding the powerful tools of art, emerging technology, and storytelling  to imagine and create inclusive, just futures.

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Partners, Donors, Supporters, and Grantors

CETI is grateful to have generous donors that support learning and innovation in our community.



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