Enchanted Tech Summer Workshop 2022

Enchanted Technology Summer Festival 2022:
July 1 — Aug 29, 2022

City as Canvas

The CETI Summer Institutes are 6 weeks of collaborative learning, play, and creative experiments using cutting edge technologies (xr, creative code, smart tech, interactive objects), art, and music to craft delightful and imaginative interactive objects, stories, spaces, and experiences placed around the city.

Join us for a summer of art, technology, craft, fabrication and imagination as we infuse the cityscape with hidden messages, images, and stories. Through our workshops and institutes, learn to create objects, images, music, and experiences (physical and virtual) to reveal fantastical joyful voices, experiences, memories, and futures.

Our festival this year will be made up of a series of Institutes for Youth, Educators, Community, and Professionals. Experimenting with (and learning) a variety of digital/coding platforms/tools (including p5, unity, 8th wall, ml/ai tools), with interactivity (using sensors, microcontrollers, and mobile devices), and with augmenting reality, we will introduce techniques, ideas form experts, ending in a collaborative show in September 2022.

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Join us on Zoom Tue July 12th, 4:15 - 5:30pm
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Enchanted Objects

Enchanted Objects
Jul 18 - July 25

Objects that create music, that light up when they see us, and that serve as portals to wondrous experiences that reveal hidden stories about our city, that allow us to walk in somebody else’s shoes, that imagine magical futures, that remember, and that make us visible.

Augmented Storytelling
Aug 1 - Aug 12

Using/creating existing markers in the world (stickers, statues, enchanted pebbles) as breadcrumbs and tags, we will collaboratively create exciting, delightful, and subversive stories of our city and communities - real and imagined experiences that reveal new ways of seeing the world, to tell stories, to explore identities, to call for action, to subvert symbols of power, and to delight.

Enchanted Tech Summer Murals

Interactive Murals

Interactive Murals (beginners)/Interactive Installations (advanced)
Aug 8 - Aug 23

Create hybrid physical/digital/virtual images that respond to our presence, gestures, and actions, revealing stories historical and speculative of our communities and spaces. We'll explore different impactful ways to create interactive experiences, and (optionally) design and prototype a mural to add to a wall in the city.

What is the CETI Enchanted technology festival

A series of participatory formal and informal learning experiences composed of workshops, inspiring speakers (demos/show and tell) and panels, critical dialogue, time for experimentation and prototyping, mentoring, peer learning, collaborative idea generation, experimentation, and prototyping, family-style meals and discussions, and research "walks". Our introductory workshops will be interspersed with advanced workshops for experts/professionals including advanced tools and techniques, as well as short intensive Institutes on Theoretical/Conceptual institutes on Impact, trends, policies, and applications.


1855 SW Broadway
Fariborz Maseeh Hall Room 218 (1 block from the max and bus mall)
and adjacent classrooms, art studios, digital labs, and fabrication spaces.
Workshops and talks will be streamed on the CETI YouTube site.

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Come experiment and create with an amazing talented community of artists and technologists, creating wondrous, whimsical, mesmerizing objects, stories, and spaces. A week or so of project creation led by experts + a hack day to create experiences will culminateWe will also visit Open Signal and perhaps use their site for murals, PSU labs, and other interesting sites around the city based on our projects in a September show.

Projects we will work on together:

  • An Interactive physical mural at Open Signal
  • A series of interactive digital (projected murals) for FMH for the show
  • Augmented experiences - we will create templates - sound or p5 creations - create your markers and create experiences. Theme of City as canvas

Enchanted Tech Summer Workshop


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Enchanted Tech Summer Workshop

Past Enchanted Tech Summer Institutes

Learn more about our E-Textiles festival from summer 2021:

E-Textiles Fest 2021

AR pebbles and artifacts (hidden objects telling important stories when activated); AR animated zines that can dance and sing; Tech tools for activists (augmented billboards that challenge inequity, emphasize presence); murals that speak when you make connection; digital dressup - augmented wearables; creating avatars; Hidden stories/puzzle hunt through city choosing signs and landmarks that have meaning to the youth; interactive installations and cityscapes; music-making objects.