Constellations 22 at PDX Winter Light Festival


Collaborative Art-tech Experiments At the Portland Winter Lights Festival

CETI is convening a group of artists, technologists, architects, musicians, hackers, and engineers in January for a weekend of Art-Tech Collaborative Creative Experiments at the CETI Lab at PSU - an exciting interdisciplinary creative jam to bring unique interactive light and sound pieces, immersive experiences, and performances to life.

Constellations, the resulting show of these magical interactive and immersive experiences, will be shown as part of Portland's Winter Lights Festival 2022


At FMH at Portland State University. 1855 SW Broadway, Room 218

When: Jan Feb 5, 2022. 3pm - 9pmish

Register here to participate in the hackathon or show, to help, create, troubleshoot, volunteer, and participate


CETI creative experiments

Partners, Sponsors, and Donors

We would be grateful for sponsors to fund the project and in-kind donations of food, materials, technology. Please contact hello@ceti.institute to support this project. (CETI is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and donations are tax deductible).

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