CETI is a collective, a movement, and an intention to critically and collaboratively engage in creating our technological future. CETI emerged in 2019 after a series of messy conversations and brainstorming sessions amongst a diverse interdisciplinary cross sector community of professionals, educators, researchers, students, artists, technologists, engineers, scientists, activists, policymakers, leaders, and community organizers.

CETI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our EIN is 84-3427418

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CETI is an ambitious dynamic vision for lifelong learning, participatory research, and innovation in creative and emergent technologies. We rapidly build expertise and fluency in a diverse community across disciplines, sectors, cultures, experiences, and expertise to critically engage (with civic and social impact) with emerging technology as creators, researchers, innovators, and leaders.

At CETI, we design exciting collaborative project-based learning experiences, integrating art, engineering, mathematics, and technology, to build networks and partnerships between and across sectors to create a connected community of learning and innovation in technology, to address urgent emergent complex social, environmental, and technological challenges of the future.

We are passionate about increasing equity and opportunities in, and access to technology and design industries. We strongly believe that engaging a diverse community through this endeavour is essential for better ideas, conversations, and actions.

Principles and Values

Details on our collaboratively-created Mission, Principles and Values, and Culture and Governance documents

Affect The Future

CETI mobilizes a diverse, cross-sector, interdisciplinary community to collaboratively create imaginative and impactful responses to address emergent social, environmental, and technological challenges and affect the future technological landscape.

Learning: Bringing Our Best

CETI imagines learning as lifelong, transformative, evolving, personal, experiential, interdisciplinary, and creative. We create an environment that inspires everybody to contribute to the peak of their abilities -- with fluency and confidence — as creators and leaders.

Research and Action in the World

We mobilize/empower our communities to lead in the critical engagement with and social and civic impact of creative and emergent technologies and data. The results of our research and projects manifest as tools, experiences, and strategic actions that we cannot yet imagine that produce transformative impact in the world.


Solutions to complex challenges emerge from a tapestry of participatory generative conversations and actions that include all stakeholders and a mix of experts and non-experts with shared purpose and a diversity of skills, experience, expertise, and cultural context. We create community-driven messy convenings recognizing that imaginative impactful responses emerge from unexpected collisions of people, practices, and ideas.

participatory Technology: Innovation By/With/For All of Us

We look at challenges -- and solutions -- through the lens of humanity. We design and create with all our stakeholders, accounting for the implications and impact of our work. We believe that true innovation is inclusive in both process and result. We prepare a diverse community to thoughtfully, intentionally, ethically, and confidently lead the design of impactful cutting-edge technology, tools, and experiences, emphasizing deep consideration of the implications and impact in the world.

Creative Experiments

A culture/philosophy of creative experimentation and play is embedded in our endeavours - fostering creativity and risk-taking, building trust and confidence, and creating the relationships and networks that lead to impactful and joyful learning and innovation.

Trust, Collaboration, and Community

By cultivating deep, lasting relationships and partnerships across and within our communities, we serve as a trusted host, as a bridge and translator, instigating and inspiring transformative change through powerful and strategic collaborations across sectors, disciplines, and communities that in turn foster continued learning for all participants.

Democratizing Systems

Our work, our structures, and our culture emphasize participatory processes and projects centralizing community voices. We prioritize actions that share power with all stakeholder and partners, especially including previously excluded populations. Details on our collaboratively-created Mission, Principles and Values, and Culture and Governance documents