Mission and History

CETI is a collective, a movement, and an intention to critically and collaboratively engage in creating our technological future. CETI emerged in 2019 after a series of messy conversations and brainstorming sessions amongst a diverse community of professionals, educators, researchers, students, artists, technologists, activists, and community organizers.

At CETI, learning is dynamic, situational, connected, experiential, and multifaceted. Through a carefully woven tapestry of workshops, collaborative convenings, participatory research and creative projects, we build fluency and expertise in a diversity of stakeholders across sectors,cultures, experiences, and expertise to reframe our relationship with data and technology in terms centred on humans, communities, and civic and social impact.

We emphasize collaborations and partnerships between and across sectors to create an ecosystem of individuals and organisations excited to create meaningful connections, prototypes, and experiences. Our strategy involves purposeful disruption of traditional learning paradigms, by bringing together professionals, students, leaders, and community groups in collaborative research, projects, conversations, and intensive workshops. We are passionate about increasing equity in and access to technology and design industries and strongly believe that supporting a diverse community through this endeavour is essential for better ideas, conversations, and actions.