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About CETI: A Creative and Emergent Technology Institute

CETI offers a vision for an inclusive path of lifelong learning and professional development, supporting a diverse and interdisciplinary community of practitioners, professionals, educators, students, and researchers to successfully create the future. Through a carefully woven tapestry of workshops, institutes, participatory research, projects, convenings, and actions, we inspire our community to create imaginative and impactful responses to emergent social and technological challenges.

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CETI Events

The Light Fantastic: When Art, Science, and Technology Collide

Speaker: Nandini Ranganathan


World Trade Center Auditorium


February 6


8:00 pm

The design, development, visuals, and branding for CETI were created by the following contributors: Hilary Tsai, Nyssa Oru, Stephen Lee, Max Ettel, Mike Heavers, Alanna Risse, Scott Garner, and Sparkman.


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