A Creative and Emergent Technology Institute

CETI offers a vision for an inclusive path of lifelong learning and professional development, supporting a diverse and interdisciplinary community of practitioners, professionals, educators, students, and researchers to successfully create the future. Through a carefully woven tapestry of workshops, institutes, participatory research, projects, convenings, and actions, we inspire our community to create imaginative and impactful responses to emergent social and technological challenges.

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Enchanted Tech

Enchanted Tech

E-Textiles Festival

A Summer Festival of learning and creative experiments focused on wearables, costumes, masks, avatars and cosplay using creative technology, electronics, craft, sewing, music, and art. Our accessible, diy approach to tech is personal, and community-driven, combining the imagination, everyday materials, craft techniques, and cutting-edge technologies.

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XRchive Project

Creating Social Documentary Experiences

XRchive is a social documentary project for communities to tell stories in place and in their voices through interdisciplinary collaboration with a diverse community of artists, technologists, and community partners. Through our XR storytelling tours/apps, we will paint the landscape with videos, sounds, and images focussed on themes of (in)justice, memory, and imagination.

Our first prototype series of tours/stories will focus on the theme of migrations and displacements.

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Gallery of the Future

Gallery of the Future

System Failure. Please Restart.

October 23, 2020 - December 23, 2020
Curators: Marin Vesely, Scott Nieradka, Hilary Tsai, Jesse England

Join 42 artists as they dismantle, critique, interpret, and reinvent the future through their chosen medium, to design for justice and for community --to help us reimagine a more hopeful, equitable future.

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FCC Device Sharing

Fostering A Connected Community

Device Sharing for Digital Access

Goal: To ensure that every member of our community in the region has the devices neeed to access the internet.

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