Gallery of the Future

Gallery of the Future

As the world is transformed by pandemics and revolutions, as physical spaces, access, and connection is lost, CETI will convene groups of artists, technologists, theorists, and communities to create prototypes of accessible, inclusive virtual future gallery spaces. Through the architecture, exhibitions, the interactions and conversations and interactions we critically engage with the world and with our communities, sparking a dialogue and reckoning with an inequitable past, catalysing needed change.

We imagine an evolving space, changing in response to community needs and technology/media innovations --- a space to collaboratively experiment, engage, and create.

The exhibitions/conversations/creations that activate these spaces will focus on reimagining - destroying, repurposing, and rebuilding systems, objects, places, and structures, to envision a future that is equitable, community-focussed, and inspiring.

To partner on future iterations of this project, please reach out to galleryofthefuture@ceti.institute

System Failure. Please Restart.

42 artists dismantle and reinterpret our systems, structures, objects and places that are enmeshed in ongoing chains of injustice -- to reimagine and create a more hopeful future.


October 23, 2020 -- December 23, 2020

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Note: A version of this exhibition was shown as part of the Tech and Activism Space at MOZFEST 2021.

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Gallery of the Future

Prototype 1

40+ participants in a virtual creative slow jam -- a series of sprints and design-build sessions to brainstorm and prototype the first Gallery of the Future : a virtual (xr) social interactive gallery (a mesmerizing Abandoned Mall)

Details about Prototype, the Creative Jam, and Participants here