Gallery of the Future

Gallery of the Future

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October 23rd, 2020 - December 23rd, 2020
Opening (virtual) Reception: Friday, October 23rd, 6PM PST

Curators: Marin Vesely, Scott Nieradka, Hilary Tsai, Jesse England

Join 42 artists as they dismantle, critique, interpret, and reinvent the future through their chosen medium, to design for justice and for community --to help us reimagine a more hopeful, equitable future.

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Jonas Franklin
Myra Lilith Day
Alanna Risse - I Miss You
João Rochela
Maxwell Ettel - Through Sound Eyes
Nicole Kouts - Você Consegue Me Ver?
Noah Beckham - BLM
Rashad Pridgen - AfroBlackGif2020
Ashlyn Aronin - Distancing
Vo Vo - Coronacapitalism
Hilary Tsai - Ice Scape
The Wiz
Sandra Araujo - And if, we HIGH-5 @ Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Judit Navratil
Die with your soul in tact
Alex Gottlieb - When People Tell Me
Noah Beckham - Covid Under a Rainbow
Mike Heavers
Sonil Jadhav
Tatiana Zancajo-Lugo - Crystalline
Palmarin Merges
Daniella Molnar
555 Sounds
Marin Vesely
Scott D. Nieradka
Diego Morales-Portillo
Milan Prokes
Ryan Herberholz
Hasan Abbas - American Dream
Maddy Gold - A Nation Buried in Crimson
Rob Bekuhr - Asymbiosises

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Gallery of the Future

Our Challenge

As the world is transformed by pandemics and revolutions, as physical spaces, access, and connection is lost, we reimagine the gallery spaces of the future. What could it look like? How can the art, the space, and the conversations and interactions critically engage with the world and with our communities? How does it spark and sustain inspiration - with ideas, materials, and media? How does it reveal what is possible, and what needs to change?

We imagine an evolving space, changing in response to community needs and technology/media innovations. A space created by artists, technologists, and communities together - a space to collaboratively experiment, learn, play, engage, and create.

CETI will convene groups of artists, technologists, theorists, and community members to create prototypes of future galleries; and launch exhibitions and dialogues to reimagine what co-created inclusive, accessible, virtual gallery spaces might/should reveal about our world and what it might become.

The exhibitions/conversations/creations that activate these spaces will focus on reimagining - destroying, repurposing, and rebuilding systems, objects, places, and structures, to envision a future that is equitable, community-focussed, and inspiring.

Prototype/Experiment 1

Gallery Prototype I: Summer/Fall 2020


Our first gallery iteration is an "abandoned mall", created through an experimental collaborative virtual creative jam. From August 6, 2020 to September 1, 2020, we held a series of sprints and design-build sessions to brainstorm, experiment, prototype and create the first Gallery of the Future.

The Gallery will open to the public and for exhibitions on October 23nd, 2020. Check back here for details and an invitation to our Launch Reception and the Opening for our first Exhibition.

To partner/collaborate with us or help sponsor the project, contact us at

Project Leads: Marin Vesely, Scott Nieradka, Hilary Tsai, Stephen Lee, Brenda Trammell, Joseph Wells, Jesse England, Dan Fernie-Harper, Nandini Ranganathan, and Alanna Risse.

Sneak Preview of the Gallery:

Participants for the Design-Build for Prototype I:

Alan Page
Alanna Risse
Alex Hessler
Brenda Trammell
Catherine Ross
Dan Fernie-Harper
Gutje Woortmann
Hilary Tsai
Jesse England

Joey Wells
Josie J
Marin Vesely
Max Ettel
Miguel Higgins Moy
Mike Baran
Monica McGrane

Nandini Ranganathan
Nikki Sato
Roy Trammell
Scott Nieradka
Shannon O' Brien
Stephen Lee
Zack Marlow McCarthy

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