Gallery of the Future

Gallery of the Future

Calling all artists, technologists, architects, designers, hackers, and performers

As the world is transformed by pandemics and revolutions, as physical spaces, access, and connection is lost, we reimagine the gallery spaces of the future. What could it look like? How can the art, the space, and the conversations and interactions critically engage with the world and with our communities? How does it spark and sustain inspiration - with ideas, materials, and media? How does it reveal what is possible, and what needs to change?

We imagine an evolving space, changing in response to community needs and technology/media innovations. A space created by artists, technologists, and communities together - a space to collaboratively experiment, learn, play, engage, and create.

CETI will convene groups of artists, technologists, theorists, and community members to create prototypes of future galleries; and launch exhibitions and dialogues to reimagine what co-created inclusive, accessible, virtual gallery spaces might/should reveal about our world and what it might become.

The exhibitions/conversations/creations that activate these spaces will focus on reimagining - destroying, repurposing, and rebuilding systems, objects, places, and structures, to envision a future that is equitable, community-focussed, and inspiring.

Project Leads: Marin Vesely, Scott Nieradka, Hilary Tsai, Stephen Lee, Brenda Trammell, Joseph Wells, Jesse England, Dan Fernie-Harper

Gallery of the Future

Prototype/Experiment 1

Gallery Prototype I: Summer/Fall 2020


Our first gallery iteration will be an "abandoned mall", open to creative interpretations, both literal and abstract. This might conjure up feelings of ruin and desolation--particularly in the wake of social distancing and forsaken retail shops. Or suggest that old systems focussed on constant consumption and material use are obsolete and need to be repurposed/re-created.

We will create this prototype through an experimental collaborative virtual creative jam. In August, through sprints and build sessions, we will brainstorm, form teams, experiment, prototype and test, culminating in a final Gallery of the Future open for public viewing, and ready for exhibitions.

To join the creative jam/design-build session (starting on August 5, 2020) for the first prototype, sign up here.

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