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Fostering a Connected Community: Device Sharing for Digital Access

Goal: To ensure that every member of our community in the region has the devices needed to access the internet.

Plan: To encourage and enable informal donations of personal spare devices to those who need it by creating a network and process for sharing.

How to get involved

Here are some ways you can participate in and support the project. And we’re open to suggestions and new ideas so please let us know how else you might contribute.

We’d be delighted to have you join in whatever capacity that you can. To participate, please fill out the forms below:

Please review the types/specs of devices that we need/will collect.

In the process, we will also help save the devices from a landfill, and from gathering dust in our spaces. And we will have collectively helped in some small way to mitigate the impacts of this crisis on our community.


Contact hello@ceti.institute

Donations of Funds:

We would be grateful for any contributions to support the project --- for needed materials and logistics. CETI is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organisation (ein - 84-3427418) and contributions to this project qualify as a tax-deductible charitable donation. Please contact nandini@ceti.institute for more details.

Partners and Sponsors

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Code of Conduct/Agreement:

All participants (including but not limited to organizers, donors, volunteers, recipients), ... in this project agree to abide by CETI’s Code of Conduct as well as the Contract/Agreement for Participants.