Helen Leigh

Helen Leigh

Creative Technologist

Helen Leigh is Head of Community at Crowd Supply, the crowdfunding platform for open, ethical hardware. She is also an author, presenter and hardware hacker with a focus on music technologies and experimental electronics.

Leigh's first book in her own name was "The Crafty Kid’s Guide to DIY Electronics", published by McGraw Hill. Her upcoming book on experimental music technologies is currently being serialized in Hackspace Magazine. She also writes a regular column in Make Magazine about the world of hardware.

Leigh was the lead developer on the MINI.MU glove, a gesture controlled musical instrument that children sew, wire, code and play themselves. The MINI.MU was a collaboration with Imogen Heap and Pimoroni that has reached thousands of children worldwide.

Helen has lectured on electronics, physical computing and music technologies at universities in London and Berlin. She was previously director of the education platform Mission:Explore, with whom she published six acclaimed children's books.